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ACE Garage Door emphasizes purchasing a garage door shouldn’t be complicated when meeting your garage door needs for an automotive entryway, security and serving as a sturdy, functional, aesthetic complement to your home.

A garage door is more than just a collection of metal placed on a track with wheels and springs.

First and foremost, it serves as an automotive entryway into a homeowner’s residence, but it’s also one of the first things a passerby or guest sees on the exterior of a house.

A garage door could be the first impression someone has of one’s home, so having a functional and practical garage door is essential for the look and feel of a homeowner’s property.

Garage doors have come a long way in the past decade, and there are numerous styles and designs that complement one’s home and deliver on functionality.

So what factors should a homeowner consider when buying a new garage door?

Hire a professional – The garage door can be the largest moving object on a person’s home, so hiring a professional to install the door is crucial.

“I tell my employees to install the garage doors like they were doing it on their own house,” ACE Garage Door owner Donald Michler said.

Michler started his company in 2013. He has gone from a one-man operation to seven employees. Michler said the employee with the least amount of experience in the industry is 15 years.

Have a look, a good look – The look/style of a garage door can also add value and change the appearance of your house.

For example, installing a carriage-style door with decorative glass could increase the value of a home by as much as $5,000. When considering a garage door price range, choose a style and budget that works best within a price point.

Strength – Since hurricane season is around the corner, wind rated garage doors make for a savvy investment. Also, make sure to have a garage door up to current building codes to give peace of mind during a potential hurricane.

Michler said other factors to consider when buying a garage door include:

  • If a garage door does need to be replaced it is always best to replace the garage door opener also. Most garage doors and garage door openers are installed at the same time, and nobody wants an old garage door opener to damage a brand new garage door.
  • Always check reviews on garage door contractors and make sure they are fully licensed and insured.
  • Always ask about the warranties of all products purchased and the warranty on the installation.
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