Why New Orleans Homeowners Should Install New Garage Doors

Over time, garage doors can wear down, and if you’re dealing with broken springs, damaged panels or other issues, you might be torn between repairing your current garage door and purchasing a new one. When faced with these problems, Donald Michler, owner of A.C.E. Garage Door Company, indicates that it might be time to consider a new garage door.

“The garage door is the biggest moving object on your home,” explains Michler, and if it hasn’t been maintained regularly over the years, the door can quickly become a safety issue. Fortunately, new garage doors offer a wide array of benefits that go beyond mitigating risks of injury and property damage. Here are three reasons why New Orleans homeowners should install a new garage door.

  1. New garage doors give your home a face-lift.

Aging doors can seriously impact your home’s curb appeal. By replacing your worn-down or outdated garage door, you can breathe new life into your home’s exterior. Today’s homeowners have access to a variety of styles and colors to suit the architecture of their home and their personal tastes. At A.C.E. Garage Door Company, residents can choose from carriage-style doors with decorative glass inlays, as well as traditional wood and modern full-view aluminum garage doors.

  1. Insulated doors can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

Whereas uninsulated doors conduct heat and cold easily, insulated garage doors help prevent energy loss from the biggest opening in your home. As a result, you might see a reduction in your monthly heating and cooling bills. But these types of doors do more than just insulate your home. Michler recommends that if you want a garage door that’ll last a lifetime, choose an insulated door. Because insulated doors are made with multiple layers of material, they’re much more durable than uninsulated, single-ply doors.

  1. New garage doors may provide insurance benefits.

Even if your current door is in relatively good shape, Michler says, “You can always upgrade your garage door to a hurricane-rated garage door, which can help with your homeowner’s insurance.” When living in a hurricane-prone region, like New Orleans, homeowners must take extra precautions to help mitigate damage to their property. Installing a new impact-resistant garage door not only protects your home from high winds and flying debris, but it may also entitle you to insurance benefits.

Improve the look and functionality of your garage with a new garage door from A.C.E. Garage Door Company. As a locally owned and family operated company operating in Greater New Orleans, A.C.E. Garage Door offers personalized garage door maintenance, replacement and installation services. To get started, request a quote for your project today.

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